Le Coste Trio

Le Coste Trio

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A handy three pack of our favourite Le Coste wines from Gradoli, Italy. 

All naturally made using biodynamic grapes. 

Gianmarco Antonuzzi and Clementine Bouveron tend around 14 hectares of land with vineyards amongst olive groves, chestnut trees, shrubs and oaks. Volcanic soils, rich in iron and minerals. Everything is done by hand with careful attention to each plant (despite there being 10,000 vines per hectare). 

Le Coste, Bianchetteo 2019 - Procanico, Malvasia, Moscato grapes. This is delicate and fragrant with orange zest and herbs. A refreshing bitterness to the tannins makes for incredibly compelling drinking. 

Le Coste, Ripazzo Bianco, 2018 - Procanico and Malvasia grapes. The young vines of Procanico, Malvasia and more have produced a rustic amber wine with plenty of citrus fruit, firm tannins and no shortage of energy.

Le Coste, Rosso di Gaetano, 2019 - Sangiovese 50%, Syrah and Merlot. Savoury and spiced, packing black fruit and plenty of charm onto its slender frame.


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