Natural Orange Six Pack

Natural Orange Six Pack

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For those that can't get enough of Orange stuff. 

3 x Tragolargo Blanco, Bodegas Vinessens, 2018, Spain, Levant - £12.60 - From the hot South East of Spain, these Moscatel grapes spend a short amount of time macerating with their skins to create the vibrant orange wine. It's full of flavour and complexity with ginger, spice and orange zest.

3 x Baglio Antico Bianco IGP, Ciello, Catarratto (skin contact), 2019, Italy, Sicily - £14.50  -  Baglio Antico Bianco is a great value natural orange wine from masters of natural wines, Ciello. The white catarratto grapes spend a couple of weeks macerating with their skins during the natural yeast fermentation. The result is an orange wine that isn't too over powering or too bitter, ideal with food or on it's own. New vintage so plenty in stock after the 2018 sold out! Flavours of citrus peel, herbs and ginger with a well rounded rich texture and long finish.

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