I Cangianti by Stoppini, Murato 2019

I Cangianti by Stoppini, Murato 2019

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Country: Italy

Region: Tuscany

Grape: Prugnolo Gentile

Viticulture: Organic Farming / Natural Wine

A light red (that tastes delicious chilled, too) from ‘garagista’ winemakers the Stoppini family that combines old-age techniques and new-age winemaking. Murato translates as ‘the wall’, and this wine is so-called because it was made using an ancient Etruscan process whereby the grapes are dropped into an open-top vat and literally walled-in with a layer of plaster, creating a hard cap which, in the case of this wine, they left there for 30 days. This is essentially an age-old form of carbonic maceration, which is a type of winemaking where fermentation is not activated by yeast but instead starts within the grapes themselves. Usually a winemaker will seal a vessel with carbon dioxide and then add whole, intact bunches of grapes - in this oxygen-free environment the fruit begins to ferment from the inside out. The available CO2 goes about breaking down sugars and this, in turn, produces alcohol. And if this is beginning to sound a little bit complicated, just think how creative and talented the Etruscans were to work this out around 525 B.C. Today, carbonic maceration is known for creating light, fruity reds. A very special but easy-going light red, one of only 1,800 bottles made from this vintage.

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