Limeburn Hill Vineyard 2019 Collection - Red, Amber and Rose Pet Nat

Limeburn Hill Vineyard 2019 Collection - Red, Amber and Rose Pet Nat

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Limeburn Hill is an organic and biodynamic vineyard based just outside of Bristol near Chew Magna. Robin and Georgina, who run the vineyard, put everything into their sustainable, ecological approach. Caring for the soils and building an ecosystem is their priority, the incredible Pet Nats they produce are just a by product of this. They are perched on a sunny south facing slope overlooking Chew Magna with seven varieties growing. They currently only make Pet Nats which we've tried and tested and can confirm they are all incredible. 

Here's a chance to get all three of their Pet Nat's at a slightly reduced price. Quantities are very small as always so get them while you can. 

Pet Nat Amber, Beltain, 2019 - 85% Orion, 10% Seyval Blanc and 5% Johanniter. Fresh and alive packed with elder flower and hedgerow. A well rounded complex palate from the skin contact. Seriously tasty! 

Pet Nat Red, Samhain, 201955% Rondo, 40% Regent and 5% Solaris.  What a wine this is. Packed with red fruits and plums. It's perfectly refreshing with balanced tannins. Another amazing wine from Limeburn. 

Pet Nat Rose, Lammas, 2019 - 67% Orion and 33% Pinot Noir. An amazingly pronounced nose of strawberries and cream but a perfectly balanced dry palate. The ideal drink for hot weekend afternoons. 

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