Offbeat Wines, Wild Juice Chase Pet Nat, 2019, England

Offbeat Wines, Wild Juice Chase Pet Nat, 2019, England

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Offbeat Wines was established with a simple aim – to produce pure, unadulterated, and enjoyable English wines with environmental preservation and sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. Winemaker and owner, Daniel Ham works with small growers who take a considerate approach in the vineyard, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals and doing most of the work by hand. The journey from grape to glass is also kept as simple as possible, employing age-old winemaking techniques and minimising inputs. All wines are fermented spontaneously, never fined or filtered and only receive sulphur dioxide additions when absolutely necessary.

Wild Juice Chase Pet Nat is made with 100% Triomphe d’Alsace grapes taken from a small plot in the Test Valley, Hampshire. The whole bunches were left in stainless steel vats for 5 days to start carbonic maceration. Then gently pressed and the resulting juice left to ferment for 8 days. Bottled via gravity to finish fermentation with cold stabilisation over the winter months. 

The result is red pet nat that is bursting with fresh red fruits and light bubbles. It's seriously tasty and refreshing stuff! 

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