Andi Mann Muller Thurgau litr

Andi Mann Muller Thurgau litr

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Country: Germany

Region: Rheinhessen

Grapes:Muller Thurgau

Viticulture: Natural Wine / Biodynamic vineyards

The grapes were whole bunch crushed and fermented on their skins for 10 days before pressing. The juices then aged in various size of oak barrels from 2400L to 4500L. After 9 months everything gets blended, bottling without any filtration nor addition of sulphur.

A very straightforward super drinkable fun, clean example of the variety, packed with loads of citrus, pineapple and a hint of floral notes. A wine that can be the perfect first or last bottle of the night.

Andi took over the family estate after studying winemaking at Geisenheim. His family have been making wine since 1699 in Eckelsheim. His wines are full of energy and he continues to put biodiversity at the heart of what he does. “For me, natural wines are about openness and intensity of taste, and that’s what I want to show with my wines. I want to produce wines that show where they come from, and if they can show that for a long time - that is my dream and my goal.”

10% ABV

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