Chevassu Cotes Du Jura Savagnin Ouille, 2020

Chevassu Cotes Du Jura Savagnin Ouille, 2020

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Country: France

Region: Jura

Grape: Savagnin

Viticulture: Organic Farming / Natural Wine  

Vinification: Grapes are hand harvested and destemmed. They are fermented with indigenous yeasts at ambient temperatures. Ouille means topped up vats as opposed to the traditional way Jura whites are made which is not topped (sous voile). This means less oxidative characters and lots of freshness. 

Golden yellow colour with zippy lemons, spritzy character and richness. 

Marie-Pierre chose a career in wine and after wine studies in Beaune and an oenology degree at Dijon she worked in New Zealand, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Champagne before returning to work in the Jura for several years as cellar manager in a local co-op. Les Granges-Bernard is a wonderful old Jurassien farm surrounded atmospheric cellars at the farm are full of old wood from large foudres down to fûts and feuillettes.

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