Natural Wine Mixed Pack

Natural Wine Mixed Pack

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No chemicals in the vineyard and low intervention in the winery. These wines are pure examples of the terroir of where they come from. Only natural yeasts used, no fining and no filtering which means they often have leftover sediment leaving them a little hazy. All organically farmed and Vegan. 

2 reds, 2 white, 1 orange and a sparkling Pet Nat

1 x Gonzalo Gonzalo, Gran Cerdo Tinto, Rioja, Spain 

1 x Loxarel, Cora Blacno, Muscat, Sauvignon, Xarel-Lo, Penedes, Spain 

1 x Cooperativa Valli Unite, Ottavio Rube Bianco, Cortese / Timorasso, Piemonte, Italy 

1 x Les Oliviers, Estezargues, France, Rhone 

1 x Baglio Bianco, Italy, Sicily 

1 x Ca' di Rajo, Lemoss Col Fondo, Italy, Veneto 


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