XIRA 2022, Guttarolo

XIRA 2022, Guttarolo

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Country: Italy

Region: Puglia, Gioia del Colle

Grape: Susumaniello (red)

Viticulture: Organic farming / Natural wine

Vinification: The grapes are from young vines and old, fermented on skins for three days before being pressed off to vats until the following spring. 

Ruby in the glass, packed with blackberries, red earth and gentle spice. 

Cristiano Guttarolo's vineyards are far away from the palins which often produce hot, flabby wines, on a plateau of limestone some 400 metres above sea level. It's a unique climate that has cool daytime temperatures than usual thanks to a strong breeze from the sea. This combined with the elevation means the grapes ripen slowly and fully with freshness and finesse. The wines a classic in Pugliese style with wild, sun-drenched fruit but has a lovely balance and minerality that is often missed in the region. 

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