Petit Chablis 2022, Dominique Gruhier

Petit Chablis 2022, Dominique Gruhier

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Country: France

Region: Chablis

Grape: Chardonnay

Viticulture: Organic Farming / Natural Wine 

Candied citrus and plenty of apples and freshness. 

Domaine Dominique Gruhier was established in 1990, whilst the winery named Notre Dame de Quincy Abbey has existed since the Cistercian monks started to make wine in 1212. The same way the monks selected the best vines, vineyards and “climats” in the famous areas of Côte d’Or, they did so in the Épineuil and Tonnerre region.

The Abbey was bought by the French National Trust in 1792, until 1970 when the Dominique Gruhier family took over the winery. Dominique inherited the Monks’ vineyards and slowly started to plant and buy new vineyards.

His domaine now has 31 hectares of vineyards all organically farmed since 2003. The oldest vines were planted in 1946 and its soil is still ploughed by horse today. Dominique is very attentive to the grape’s cycle of life, his philosophy sits between the respect of tradition while being open to what modernity can offer.

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