Kovidinka, Oskar Maurer

Kovidinka, Oskar Maurer

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Country: Serbia

Region: Szeremseg 

Grape: Kovidinka

Viticulture: Organic Farming / Natural Wine  

Vinification:  The grapes are grown in old bush-vines that due to the dense planting it can only be cultivated with horses. After hand harvest the grapes are destemmed and spend 4 days on the skins. The juice ferments and ages in 500l old Hungarian oak for 8 month. Bottled without fining filtration or the addition of SO2.

Fresh green apples with hints of orange peel and refreshing acidity.

Made by Oskar Maurer who creates incredible wines in Serbia using only natural wine making methods. The grapes are grown on old bush-wines which have to be cultivated by horses because of the dense planting. Soils are made up of loess, limestone and brown soil.

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