Judith Beck Ink Red, Zweigelt/St Laurent

Judith Beck Ink Red, Zweigelt/St Laurent

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Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Grape: Zweigelt / St Laurent

Viticulture: Natural Wine / Biodynamic Farming 

The Judith Beck estate has been farmed biodynamically since 2007, creating natural wines from native grapes that grow so well in the Burgenland region of Austria. The natural farming in the vineyard is mirrored in the winery with only natural yeasts being used along with minimal sulphur and no fining or filtration. This is a seriously tasty biodynamic Austrian red made in a juicy, fresh style from local Zweigelt and St Laurent grapes.

Rather than a lot of these types of Austrian reds that are much bigger and bold, this one is crafted in a way that makes it bounce out the glass with lots of fresh black fruitsand spice.

Judith Beck Ink Red is a vegan and natural wine made with low sulphur levels. 

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