Lemoss Frizzante,  Ca' di Rajo

Lemoss Frizzante, Ca' di Rajo

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Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Grape: Glera

Viticulture: Sustainable farming / natural winemaking

Lemoss is a natural prosecco made in the traditional col fondo style where to second fermentation happens in the bottle. It's unfined and unfiltered so has a hazy appearance and some yeast character. Packed full of fresh apples and citrus. A certain crowd pleaser. 

This independent family-owned winery in Piave has been going since 1931. They own all their own vineyards, don’t buy in any grapes or wines, and so are able to maintain high standards every step of the way. Refreshing Lemoss is made in an old-fashioned col fondo cloudy style: zero dosage, unfiltered and frizzante. They do a bit of pink fizz made from rare Manzoni Rosa, a 1920s crossing of Trebbiano Toscana and Gewürztraminer, and of which there remain just a few vineyards left.

 ABV 10.5%

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