Koppitsch, Pretty nats 2022

Koppitsch, Pretty nats 2022

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Country; Austria 

Region: Burgenland 

Vintage: 2021

Grape: 50% Blaufränkisch, 50% Syrah

Viticulture: Biodynamic Farming / Natural Wine  

Vinification: The whole bunches were pressed directly, and fermented naturally with no additives or temperature control. At the right point during fermentation this wild juice gets bottled by hand – serious family job, everybody is helping (mum, dad, brother, the boys, Maria and Alex). Then the bottles are stored in the machine hall and rest until spring. During the first warm days of spring, when the nights are still freezing, the Koppitsch family puts the bottles into the backyard for cooling. After a few days the bottles are cold enough and ready for the final workflow – disgorging. They open every single bottle by hand - Alex is the man - fill it up and seal it again.

Bursting with berry fruits and freshness. This is the ultimate summer drinking number. 

Nested on the shallow slops of Burgenland next to the beautiful Neusiedl lake are the vineyards of Maria and Alex Koppitsch. Since 2011 they are preserving the natural wine making traditions that have been in their family for over 500 years now. 

Taking on the holistic approach – they make sure, that all the work at the vineyard is done with respect and immense amount of care. At the core of their ethics are biodynamic principles and persistent manual labour.

The soil on which the grapes are grown are sand, clay, loam and gravel – and as such, it reflects in how diverse the wines are.

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