Ciu Ciu, Falerio Oris Bianco - Italy, Marche

Ciu Ciu, Falerio Oris Bianco - Italy, Marche

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Country: Italy

Region: Marche

Grape: Passerina, Pecorino, Trebbiano

Viticulture: Organic Farming

This organic wine from Marche is a blend of Passerina, Pecorino and Trebbiano. Produced by the Azienda Vitivinicola Ciu Ciu, the vineyards lie in the hills of the La Marche Offida region which has an altitude of 300m and is close to the Mediterranean resulting in perfect growing conditions as the grapes don't ripen too quickly. The ethos in the vineyard is to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, growing organically. 

The wine is packed full with apples and banana and an underlying vanilla. A very well rounded palate that has a crisp acidity but still with plenty of intense flavour to add a good amount of weight making this wine great on it's own or with food. 

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