Gazzetta Rosso Trilli

Gazzetta Rosso Trilli

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Country: Italy

Region: Lazio

Grapes: Aleatico and Procanico (red and white)

Viticulture: Natural Wine / Organic Farming

This sits in that beautiful place between rosato and rosso, meaning it is ever so suited to spring. Mostly Aleatico, there is also little Procanico in the mix. The two varieties white and red are destemmed and fermented together on their skins for one week before being pressed off to stainless steel to rest.

The result is a pale, delicate and fragrant wine that charms with gentle notes of rosewater, blood orange and minerals.

Trish lives in a small cottage in Località Gazzetta on the hills above the village of Bolsena in Lazio’s north. In this beautiful spot with views across Lago di Bolsena she farms two hectares of old vineyards planted with Procanico and Ansonica, with a little Malvasia and Moscato scattered throughout. The lake is one of the largest volcanic lakes in Europe and is blessed with an interesting microclimate due to the special wind patterns created by this great mass of water as it heats and cools. The vineyards sit between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennine Mountains, which makes for a temperate climate kept fresh by mountain breezes. The soils, mainly ash and sand of volcanic origins, possess an interesting minerality that each variety expresses differently.

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