Petr Korab, Orange On Leaves Pet Nat 2022

Petr Korab, Orange On Leaves Pet Nat 2022

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Country: Czech Republic 

Region: Moravia

Grape: Gruner Veitliner, Traminer

Viticulture: Biodynamic Farming and Natural Wine

Wine making: This is an interesting one! Dried vine leaves are added to to macerate for 4-months with juice. The wine is the barrel aged in acacia wood. 

A beauty of an orange in colour and flavour. Complex notes of mandarines and citrus peel with an exciting and long lasting finish. 

Petr Korab's winery was founded in 2006. His main focus has been on old vineyards since the beginning - with preservation at the heart of everything he does. The oldest vineyard he owns dates back to 1934. All natural in the winery as he believes it's the only way to retain the soul of the place and terroir. 

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