Petr Korab, Uncut Siller

Petr Korab, Uncut Siller

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Grapes: St Laurent, Frankovka and Zweigelt

The grapes come from 8 years unpruned vineyards, where they still take care of them (soil, disease prevention), but let them grow wild and only tuck the shoots in. The result is more small grape clusters with very small berries. The high skin to juice ratio along with a short macerating on the skins in the must, gives the wine a greater aromatic profile and a higher content of extract. It is basically something between rosé and red. The skin maceration was between 2 - 4 days. 

The result is a lively, fresh, slightly animal and extractive wine, without added SO2.

Petr Korab's winery was founded in 2006. His main focus has been on old vineyards since the beginning - with preservation at the heart of everything he does. The oldest vineyard he owns dates back to 1934. All natural in the winery as he believes it's the only way to retain the soul of the place and terroir. 

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